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Heartbreaking to watch… please share

Today Jakes father, Ned Lang, stood outside the DC courthouse in the pouring rain pleading that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! “Get off of our sofas, get out of the house, get out to the streets, peaceful protest. Hold these judges accountable , hold the DOJ accountable, the FBI accountable and every federal agency for all the harm they are doing to our American citizens! Any citizen can be picked up off the street now and held like my son, for 3 years and 46 days as a supposed pre trial detainee, but he’s really a political hostage of the Biden regime!”

SHARE this to let it be known for all our congressman who want do and say NOTHING — WE will not go quietly and we are BEYOND sick of what is happening to these amazing heroes and patriots!! SPEAK UP!! They need your help!!!!


From Jake's X account

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