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March 27,2023 DC-Gulag Patriot Prisoners Needs Survey

March 27,2023 DC-Gulag Patriot Prisoners Needs Survey

Dear Patriotic Prisoner Community and Support Groups,

First and Foremost, Thank all of you for your continued support and dedication to the J6 movement. Your contributions along with prayers have helped all of us currently detained through some of the toughest times over the past several years. Your effort has not only helped us but, has been of great support to our families as well.

The following is a Current Needs Survey for the current 25 Patriot Prisoners detained in the DC-Gulag. 

I want to take a second to inform those reading this that may not already know about the different forms of financial support and their usage in the everyday lives of J6 Prisoners.

Money on Commissary Accounts: These funds can be used to order food, hygiene, Stationary. They also can be Transfered by the J6 Prisoners to their Phone accounts and used to make phone calls.

Money on Black Tablets or GTL Tablets: These funds allow for messaging such as this message. You can also use the Tablets to watch and read news publications. Movies, TV shows, and Games can also be played. *We have heard that in the future there also may be an option to make video calls on these tablets.*

Monthly Commissary purchase (Outside Order):

Please inquire how you can sponsor a J6 Prisoner and Purchase one of these packages for them. 

GiveSendGo Accounts: These funds are always useful. They have been used to provide support for our families, legal fees, and a wide range of other uses. Most of which are posted on each individuals GiveSendGo Accounts.

Donations to legal Funds and Not for Profit sites supporting J6 Prisoners:  These funds have been useful in providing for a range of needs. In donating any funds that does not directly go to a J6Prisoner or their families. Always make sure you are Vetting these funds and sites. 

That covers most of the ways that our Patriot Community can provide financial support to the J6Prisioners. 

There are so many more ways to provide support other than financial that are in so many ways just as useful or even more useful that this letter does not cover. I could write for days on the amount of support and time alone that our Patriot community has given to us. I would just say that if you are wondering what you can do our how to do it all you have to do is ask.

Which brings us to the reason for this letter finally, LOL.

I asked every individual currently detained in the DC-GULAG where they could use the most financial support. 

I only Covered 2 Areas as this is the question we get most.

Money on Commissary Account's?


Money on Black Tablet's?

I will provide a comprehensive list of every detainee following with the answers they provided.

*Needs Survey*

(T) Stands for Tablet

($) Commissary Account

Thomas Ballard #378839 (T)

Kenneth Bonawitz #384102 (T) ($)

William Chrestman #376975 (T)

Eric Christie #383464 (T)

David Dempsey #378838 (T) ($)

Kyle Fitzsimon #376979 (T) ($)

Mitchell Gardner #384067 ($)

Robert Gieswein #376980 ($)

Shane Jenkins #377186 *(Good)

Matthew Krol #384105 (T) ($)

Samuel Lazar #384068 ($)

Christopher Maurer #384104 (T)

Patrick McCaughey #376905 ($)

James McGrew #377892 *(Good)

Sean McHugh #378159 (T) ($)

Jeffrey McKellop #376887 ($)

Jonathan Mellis #376907*(Good)

Garret Miller #377321 ($)

Jorden Mink #377184 ($)

Joseph Padilla #376981 (T) ($)

Christopher Quaglin #378835 ($)

Jeffrey Sabol #376906 (T) ($)

Barton Shively #381138 (T)

Geoffrey Sills #384066 ($)

Peter Stager #376784 ($)

25 Total detainee's

God Bless You All and God Save America

Semper Fi 

James McGrew

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Unknown member
Jun 08, 2023

How do we sponsor someone?


Unknown member
Apr 04, 2023

Hi, what amount is needed for tablet usage? And how much are the most needed items from the commissary?


Unknown member
Mar 28, 2023

I understand Jeffrey Brown is on his way or may be at DC as of today as well. His GSG manager recently posted that.

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