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The Patriot Mail Project is an initiative that was started to support political prisoners who were being held unjustly. Initially, it was started in support of the Bundy Ranch Political Prisoners and was successful in getting hundreds of letters to each of the men.

The PMP was reactivated in July 2021 to offer support for J6 Political Prisoners who are facing unjust prosecution. Our primary objective is to serve as a reliable and compassionate support system for these individuals. We maintain a database of mailing addresses to enable others to send words of encouragement to the prisoners. In addition, we hold an annual Christmas Drive for J6 Children and encourage our writers to send birthday cards and contribute to individual fundraisers for J6 prisoners.

We are constantly updating our database of addresses and adding new Political Prisoners, so we encourage you to check our site frequently. Every week, we post a new printable PDF of addresses on our blog for your convenience. Moreover, we keep records of birthdates, home state, veteran status, and more.

For those who wish to connect with other volunteer writers or have questions, we offer an online group forum on our website. Join us in our mission to support and uplift these individuals during this challenging time.

When writing to political prisoners, it is essential to be mindful of the language used and to avoid anything that could be interpreted as inflammatory or threatening. Instead, focus on sending messages of support and solidarity. It can be a challenging time for people who are incarcerated, and your kind words can help them to stay positive and feel connected to the outside world.

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