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Bibles, Books & Magazine Subscriptions for J6ers Incarcerated

Posted here is the link to the new GiveSendGo created to help purchase Bibles, books, Epoch Times subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, special commissary items like tablets and shoes, and emergency commissary funds for J6 prisoners.  There are currently seven members of the J6 community involved in this project, including the wife of a J6er. Having multiple people participate in this endeavor will help ensure accountability and transparency.

Please consider donating what you can to help purchase these special items for J6ers to help them cope with the hardships of prison and ease  the financial burdens on their families. Also, bear in mind many J6ers have little to no support and the only means for them to receive books, newspapers, tablets, and critical commissary funds is through the generosity of others. Also, consider promoting this GSG to encourage others to get involved in supporting the J6 prisoners and bring awareness to the plight of these men and women.

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