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Messages from J6er's

If you are a J6er and would like to send general messages to those who have written to you, please contact the site for instructions and access.

Robert Sanford

From J6er Robert Sanford (FCI Elkton) January 25, 2024: "Please let everyone know that I truly appreciate the mail that I receive. I try and write everyone back. It feels great to know that people I have never met care so much for my family and I."

Matthew Webler

Jared Cantrell

Dan Morrissey

Thank You

I just wanted to reach out to Patriot Mail Project and say thank you! I was not expecting patriotic Americans to reach out to me and send me cards, and letters for my birthday.

I also wanted to send a special thank you to Karen Saffron.

I was overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of folks that reached out.

Although I've yet to serve my sentence (due to appeals), it's nice to know that I am not forgotten.

Thank you,

Thank You
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