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Messages from J6er's

If you are a J6er and would like to send general messages to those who have written to you, please contact the site for instructions and access.

Noah Bacon

Thank you to all the people who wrote to me and who prayed for me and all the J6 people. I read and prayed over each of your letters. I am home in the Boston area now with my loving family and am working on a computer science degree online as I try to get back on my feet. I read 80 books during my 8 months in prison and stayed busy with exercise, meditation, and hearing people's stories. There is a lot of work to be done in updating and improving the prison system.
A window into the prison system from my experience:
Somehow my charges were listed incorrectly in the prison computer at Ft. Dix and one of my charges, 18:1752(a)(2) Disorderly Conduct, was mislabeled as 18:1751(a)(2), which is the criminal code for assassination. This blocked my First Step Act good time credits from being applied to my release date and the prison took about 5 months to fix the error after I had pointed it out to them. With my good time, FSA time, and halfway house all together I could have left prison on April 1st. Instead, I was released on May 8th.To get the prison to fix the error I visited my case manager weekly for months, filed 3 administrative remedies, called 2 New Jersey congressmen, and my family called a prison consultant in the last few days. Finally, I was called to the office on the morning of May 8th and 2 hours later I was on the bus going home.
Please continue praying for, reaching out to, and supporting the other J6 people who are still incarcerated in whatever way you can.
God Bless everyone and thank you all again for your kindness. I am still on probation so I cannot communicate with other felons, but otherwise am allowed to speak freely. You can write me a letter through PMP or reach out on X/Truth to @noah_ltm

God Bless!

I did set up a givesendgo for anyone who is interested, and the link is

Martin Cudo

From Martin

My name is Martin and I am not even that political. I traveled to DC with my elderly mom on J6 at her request to keep her safe. The speech ended at 2:30pm and as you all know, it was Covid and there wasn’t anything else to do that day besides follow the crowd. I entered the building for 8-minutes, went no further than 30ft into the building, and was polite to law enforcement. I saw no violence. I am charged with 1512(c)(2)2 which includes aiding and abetting. My trial begins July 15 2024

Daniel Goodwyn

A Praying Patriot

To whoever sent me mail under the alias “A Praying Patriot” - thank you! God bless.
- Daniel

Robert Sanford

From J6er Robert Sanford (FCI Elkton) January 25, 2024: "Please let everyone know that I truly appreciate the mail that I receive. I try and write everyone back. It feels great to know that people I have never met care so much for my family and I."

Matthew Webler

Jared Cantrell

Dan Morrissey

Thank You

I just wanted to reach out to Patriot Mail Project and say thank you! I was not expecting patriotic Americans to reach out to me and send me cards, and letters for my birthday.

I also wanted to send a special thank you to Karen Saffron.

I was overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of folks that reached out.

Although I've yet to serve my sentence (due to appeals), it's nice to know that I am not forgotten.

Thank you,

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